Maintenance and servicing of cars and off-road vehicles in Trastevere, Rome

Quality service performed using modern technologies

Maintenance and servicing of cars and off-road vehicles in the Trastevere area of Rome

Complete car service, maintenance and control of all perishable components. The car is a very delicate object that requires constant maintenance and control, to guarantee safety on the road. The car service is in fact a periodic check, a check-up of all the components that can deteriorate with normal use of the vehicle.

It is advisable to regularly have your car serviced to be able to drive safely, and also because the servicing serves to save on maintenance and repair in the long term as well as to extend the life of the car. The service must be carried out at regular intervals. The deadlines are indicated in the maintenance booklet and vary depending on the model and use of the car.

Bodywork Workshop Taglieri carries out complete servicing of quality vehicles and commercial vehicles with quick service.

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Position of MC Autofficine - Bodywork and Workshop and map

The MC Autofficine - Bodywork and Workshop is located in Rome in the typical Trastevere district.

Our family-run company has a long experience in car and off-road repair.

The Bodywork and Workshop of Taglieri Carlo offers its customers high quality work, professionalism and cutting-edge technologies and respect for the environment to satisfy the needs and offer personalized services based on every single need.