The services of MC Autofficine
Bodywork and Workshop

Punctuality, efficiency and quality of service

The services of MC Autofficine
Bodywork and Workshop in the Trastevere area of Rome

We carry out recovery of vehicles with tow trucks, collection and home delivery and we offer a free internal washing and cleaning service when the vehicle is returned.

Roadside assistance:

It is a useful service that offers interested parties an assistance and repair service on site or a service with a tow truck to bring the vehicle to the workshop. We are available to reach you in any Italian and foreign location, assuring you the utmost professionalism and timeliness.

We therefore take care of rescuing you, even outside the major motorways.
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Air conditioning gas refill:

Among the normal car maintenance works there is the recharge of the air conditioning: times, costs and methods to keep the system efficient. By recharging the air conditioning for the car, the amount of refrigerant gas found in the air conditioning circuit is restored, which is the basis of the operation of the air conditioning: cooling takes place, in fact, if this is level, in otherwise, a drop in efficiency is observed.

When there are no problems related to leaks or the malfunction of some elements of the system, after recharging the air conditioning will start working again. The need to refill the gas occurs every 2 years.
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Authorized demolition:

We put ourselves at the service of customers to offer complete assistance in every phase of the work, car recovery directly at home up to the handling of practices relating to the demolition at the PRA (Public Automobile Register).
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Ecological painting:

In the oven painting service we offer to the customer, we only use products from the best brands and eco-compatible. They do not harm either man or the environment. In the repairs of your car, painting is an important and delicate phase, which must be carried out with the greatest possible care and using effective and long-lasting products.

Our staff is carefully trained to perform this service, with quality products, cutting-edge machinery and equipment.
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Car inspection (not on site):

The overhaul of the car corresponds to a procedure that must be implemented following a predetermined frequency, with the prospect of monitoring the condition of your car in maximum safety. There are numerous checks that are carried out on the occasion of such an important procedure.

From the technical checks, which concern the operation of the essential mechanical components, to the environmental ones, with the verification of noise and polluting emissions, various aspects are properly checked. Furthermore, the visibility of the license plate and chassis number, any damage to the bodywork, the presence of the warning triangle, the suitability of the windows and the state of the muffler, brakes, clutch, suspension and various other essential components are ascertained.
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Service and tuning:

The car service is notoriously a thorn in the side for all motorists, both for the frequency with which it must be carried out, and for the expenses it entails. However, it is essential to guarantee the perfect functionality of some of the mechanical components most subject to wear. Unlike what you might think, in fact, the cost of the car service does not only include the classic oil change and filters, but also a series of checks regarding the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes and lighting system.

All vehicles, nowadays, are equipped with many electronic control units that have the task of managing and verifying the correct functioning of your vehicle. Should the system detect an anomaly, the latter is memorized and can only be read and deleted by a specialized mechanic using a diagnostic tool.
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Mechanical workshop and computerized diagnostics:

In our workshop, thanks to the latest generation devices, it is possible to quickly diagnose any problem or failure on electrical and mechanical parts.

Thanks to the use of a special high-precision tester for computerized diagnosis, it is possible:
identify problems concerning air intake;
detect malfunctions in the power supply circuit;
check for any errors in the electrical system;
check the efficiency of the engine;
accurately display the actual values and parameters of the machine;
analyze the vehicle's memory and obtain information useful for repair;
check for sensor malfunction.

Through the electronic diagnosis it is also possible to detect all kinds of faults and malfunctions concerning: ABS, airbags, dashboard warning lights, cooling system, air conditioning, FAP and EGR valve etc.
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Motorcycle fairings painting:

We specialize in painting motorcycle fairings. The fairing of the motorcycle is the outer covering of the frame, whose main functions are to protect the internal parts and also improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. However, the latter also performs an aesthetic function, both in design and colors.

When it comes to painting the hull, or fairing, avoid doing it yourself and rely on a professional. There are different types of paint and other add-ons that should not be overlooked if we decide to "renew" the paint of the fairing and tank of our bike. Precisely for this reason we offer our customers the fairing painting service by carrying out every job with professionalism and accuracy, placing the utmost importance on attention to detail, in order to guarantee an impeccable final result.
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Body bench:

It is used for straightening vehicle bodies when, following collisions, they are deformed in such a way that they cannot be reconditioned with the most common equipment but only with the aid of this specific tool, which thanks to the synergy of body fixing (Bench) draft (press) and comparison (Dime) makes repairs easy and precise, optimizing times and results.
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We are able, with specific certification and certificate, to solve any electronic problem of your car. Today, the new mechanic is not just an auto electrician who can change the car's flat battery, but a professional who can manage the self-repair that is needed by performing a correct diagnosis of both the mechanical parts and the electronic systems of the vehicle.

We are therefore a more specialized figure who, to be such, must necessarily be constantly updated!
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Key reconstruction:

The car key is a very delicate and fragile instrument, which exposed to sun, water, dust and humidity can lead to deterioration. Or, in the frenzy of everyday life, it can happen to lose it.

We therefore offer you the service for the reconstruction of the key of your car, both lost and worn.
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Position of MC Autofficine - Bodywork and Workshop and map

The MC Autofficine - Bodywork and Workshop is located in Rome in the typical Trastevere district.

Our family-run company has a long experience in car and off-road repair.

The Bodywork and Workshop of Taglieri Carlo offers its customers high quality work, professionalism and cutting-edge technologies and respect for the environment to satisfy the needs and offer personalized services based on every single need.